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1- The facility is clean and the school staff is well trained and professional.  They made it easy to attend/enroll in their program.  Lunch and transportation is a plus. (Nadege)
2- The instructor really made everyone in class feel comfortable about the issue involving drugs and alcohol.  He left the floor open for discussion and treated everyone in a respectable and non-judging manner. Good class!!! (Louis Paul)
3- Great place to attend and complete your DUI program.  Thanks for picking up and dropping me off, and the awesome free lunch. They really not all about taking your money.  Antonio, you are the man! (Enrique Munoz)
4- I learned a lot.  Thanks to the staff of Academy of DUI and Defensive Driving school that gave me the opportunity to attend a DUI school that treat students as normal human beings who made a mistake.  This is the best decision I could have made.  They made it so convenient for me.  I thought all the DUI schools were treating people the same and did not know I had the choice to pick a school where I can get a decent treatment.  Thanks for the great free lunch and transportation.  Over all, the class was great.  And I will recommend everyone in need that I know to come and experience that great DUI school. (Debbie A. Scott)